When you tell a story, others must hear theirs. You have lived stories to tell and learned to tell them well. Your story makes people remember the importance and significance of never giving up in life. 
Such a story has 3 requirements.
1) People need to want to be like you
2) People need to want to get where you have gotten
3) People need to want to follow you in your footsteps
What kind of stories do we expect to get from candidates?
Some of the kindest souls have lived in a world that was not kind to them and where life wasn’t easy on them. They have been through so much at the hands of others, but they refuse to be hardened and to give up. 
What Never Give Up truly means?
Though so many say they “never give up” rarely does anyone try to explain precisely what the phrase “never give up” means. It may be that people focus on one aspect of “Never Give Up” dealing with physical or mental exhaustion, but Never Give Up can also be anything that contributes to our society and the change that we relentless want or don’t want to make in this world. NEVER GIVE UP demands more of you than anything you’ve ever done before. It requires leadership, wisdom, integrity that you may have never exercised. It also means never surrendering yourself to evil, nor betraying your own values, ever. And last but not least, it’s about questioning and understanding what is right, and why society values it or doesn’t.