What is one word that describes Mr or Ms. Never Give Up?
The ‘indefatigable’ – Someone who is always determined and energetic in trying to achieve something or recovers quickly from difficulties.


Who is Mr. or Ms. Never Give Up? 

  • Think about the people in your life. Who do you look up to? A friend, colleague, family member?
  • Think about athletes, musicians, politicians, actors/actresses, singers, writers. Who has taught you about your own potential?
  • Think about yourself. Do you go after your goals and never give up? Do you always find ways to turn obstacles into opportunities? 



























Why proposing yourself as a candidate?


Who is Mr. and Ms. Never Giver Up? is a recognition for what you have been though – what you have overcome and where you were yesterday to where you are today. 
The nomination of Mr. or Ms. Never Give Up in itself is an honor for every candidate. This contest is an excellent way to acknowledge your persistence when your achievement is something you believe worthwhile to tell.  


Why recommending someone else as a candidate?

Nothing is more inspiring than learning from real people who go beyond their means to give the best of the best to their abilities to achieve their goals, and do so against all the odds. Connecting with such successful achievers is a sure-fire way to reignite our passion. Hearing about these people’s experiences has the power to improve our own capacity in all aspects of our lives.