Selection procedure
The Jury members decide autonomously. The Jury can always evaluate to add or remove candidates on the list. The Jury finally decides which candidate wins the title of Mr Never Give Up- and Ms Never Give Up of the Year.​ The Jury will analyze all applications received and an initial selection will be based on the completed questionnaires that the Jury have received. Based on this, a longlist will be compiled for each of the two categories (Mr Never Give Up and Ms Never Give Up). ​Candidates will not be informed personally of their non-selection. The jury will draw up a ranking according to an order of preference. The names of the selected candidates will then be announced to the general public, who may be able to cast their vote electronically on the basis of well-defined criteria [*]. The jury’s decision is irrevocable and may not be communicated.​ [*] still to be confirmed


Selection criteria​
The jury decides impartially based on the criteria it sets itself. The criteria are always left to the discretion of the jury.​ Every nomination is thoroughly studied by a panel of Jury members. 
Specific conditions for participation
1) There is no age limit for anyone to participate
2) Candidates must be living persons
3) Candidates must be able to demonstrate 
              a) that the story presented is true​
              b) the positive evolution of the previous year​
4) No proof of financial records must be presented but attractive prospects for the future must be presented
5) The candidate confirms hereby a declaration of honor stating that he/she has never been sentenced to any punishment linked to any unscrupulous crime.​
Who is Mr. and Ms. Never GIve Up of the Year. Copyright all rights reserved. 
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